We are a global company but work on a local level in every community in which we do business.
These communities provide the values and world ethic that make up the foundation of all of our work.
We are building more than just quality for pipes and fittings.
We are bringing health and comfort to your homes / communities.

Our Business Principles are;

Standard of Conduct
At VESBO we conduct our business with honesty and integrity and with the highest standards of corporate conduct and respect towards everyone with whom we work.

Obeying the Law
VESBO companies are required to comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

Public Activites
We cooperate with the official authorities to set the standards in the countries where plastic products are new. VESBO companies also respond to requests from governments and other agencies for information, observations or opinion on issues relevant to the business and the community in which we operate.

Product Assurance
VESBO is committed to providing products which consistently offer value in terms of price ,quality, and safety.

The Environment
We are committed to running our business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. Accordingly our aim is to ensure that its processes and products have the minimum adverse environmental impact commensurate with the legitimate needs of the business.

Compliance – Monitoring – Reporting
It is the responsibility of the Board of VESBO to ensure that these principles are communicated to, understood and observed by all employees. Employee compliance with all of these principles is vital for our business’s continued success. and an independent Internal Audit function supports the Board in monitoring this.

The Board of VESBO will not criticize management for any loss of business resulting from adherence to these principles. Equally, the Board of VESBO undertakes that no employee will suffer as a consequence of bringing to their attention or that of senior management, a breach or suspected breach of these principles.