VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX (PEX-AL-PEX) is a multilayered composite pipe consisting of five layers. Its five layers not only combine the most advantageous properties of both metal and plastic but also avoid the disadvantages of them. An interior (300 micron) aluminum foil layer lined with inner and outer layers of PE-Xb, which are bonded to the aluminum foil layer by a thermal reaction. Melted adhesive layers between the PE-Xb and aluminum layer bonds the different materials firmly together.

VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX Pipe consists of 5 layers:
Outer Layer: PE-Xb with all properties. Protects aluminum layer against outer influences
Middle Layer: Aluminum Foil is impermeable to oxygen
Inner Layer: PE-Xb with all properties. Providing the advantages and benefits of PE-Xb.
Adhesive Layers: Special glue which binds the aluminum with PE-Xb layers.

Since the inner and outer layers are PE-Xb with all properties it provides all the advantages of PE-X.

Butt-welded aluminum foil provides more advantages in addition to PE-X itself.

– The pipe is impermeable to water and gasses, it acts as oxygen diffusion barrier
– Increases the strength, offers a similar strength in comparison to metal pipes.
– Makes the installation much more stable and less vulnerable to rupture and other mechanical damage
– Allows the pipe to be bent easily, retain its shape and prevents kinking.
– Plastic piping systems are relatively vulnerable to fire. Aluminum foil reduces the risk to significantly lower level

– DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008
– DIN 16892
– DIN 16893
– ISO 10146
– ASTM – F 1281 – 05
– ISO 21003-2:2008
– EN ISO 15875-1:2004
– EN ISO 15875-2:2004
– DIN 4726:2008 -10


– Resistance to; high temperature, freeze damage, corrosion, chemical substances, deformation under load, crack growth, impact
– Maintenance free
– Hygienic
– Long lasting
– Environmentally friendly
– Ease of installation
– Flexibility
– Cost Efficient
– Deposit free
– Energy saving
– Reduced water hammer noise
– Low thermal conductivity
– Avoids SCG

Impermeability : Conventional plastic pipes have the disadvantage of insufficient barriers for oxygen diffusion, leading to corrosion in the ferrous components of a system. VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX pipes offer a solution to these problems, as the aluminum layer in the middle provides an optimum barrier for gases and UV-rays. The PEX surface coatings on the outside and inside prevent the metal layer to corrode.

Flexibility & Ease of installation : VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX pipe is more flexible and much easier to bend, it doesn’t tend to bounce back after bending, and it remains in the desired form.

Strength : Metal pipes are rigid and tend to have a higher pressure loss than polymer tubes. VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX pipe offers the same flexibility as a plastic pipe, due to the PE-X layers, but has still a comparable stability like metal pipes, it has a similar strength.

Impact & Pressure Resistance : Plastic pipes usually have a relatively low impact and pressure resistance, as the material is relatively smooth and does not exhibit the same strength as metal pipes. By combining aluminum and PE-X material, VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX shows a similar resistance as pure metal pipes.

Stability in Size : VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX stays stable and strong even in bigger sizes. Metal pipes tend to suffer the loss of stability as the diameter augments.

Thermal expansion : VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX one of the most important advantages over other plastic pipes is its reduced thermal expansion. Thanks to the intermediate aluminum layer that restrains the expansion rate only around one tenth of the other plastics pipe


VESBOvesbo-r offer ALPEX pipes from 16mm up to 32mm. Because of this it cannot be used on all of the application areas since the other application areas need larger size diameters. VESBOvesbo-r ALPEX pipelines can be safely used in the application areas stated below.

– Sanitary Piping Systems For Builgings
– Domestic Piping System – Hot & Cold Water Management : Piping systems for hot & cold water in pressurized heating and potable water networks.
– Heating & Cooling Systems : Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems, Radiator Heating Sytems, Solar Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Gas Piping Systems