VESBOvesbo-r PE-X pipes and other monolayer plastic pipes are permeable to oxygen, and therefore, facilitate corrosion in pumps or boilers. EVOH layer acts as oxygen barrier and prevent the oxygen gas transmission. It fulfills the German DIN 4726 Standard, which stands for a 50-year guarantee of a hot water pipe without any degradation in performance.

VESBOvesbo-r OXYPEX is multilayered composite pipe consisting of 3 layers:
Inner Layer → PE-Xb with all properties.
Outer Layer → EVOH layer is impermeable to oxygen
Adhesive Layer → Special glue which binds the EVOH with PE-Xb layer.
VESBOvesbo-r OXYPEX pipes from 16 mm, 20 mm, 26 mm and 32 mm and according to and EN ISO 15875-2 standards.

A VESBOvesbo-r OXYPEX pipe fulfill the requirements of classes mentioned below;
Class 1: Hot water supply (60 C)
Class 2: Hot water supply (70 C)
Class 4: Underfloor heating
Class 5: Radiators system

– Kiwa Approval
– DIN EN ISO 9001
– DIN 16892 – Cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-X) pipes – General quality requirements and testing
– DIN 16893:2000 – Cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-X) pipes – Dimensions
– DIN 4726 – Oxygen Permeability of Pex heating pipes
– TS 10762 EN ISO 15875-1
– EN ISO 15875-1:2007
– EN ISO 15875-2:2007


Resistance to; high temperature, freeze damage, corrosion, chemical substances, deformation under load, crack growth, impact
– Maintenance free
– Hygienic
– Long lasting
– Environmentally friendly
– Ease of installation
– Flexibility
– Cost efficient
– Deposit free
– Energy saving
– Reduced water hammer noise
– Low thermal conductivity
– Avoids SCG

In addition to these advantages EVOH layer offers:
Impermeability : Conventional plastic pipes have the disadvantage of insufficient barriers for oxygen diffusion, leading to corrosion in the ferrous components of a system. VESBOvesbo-r OXYPEX pipes offer a solution to these problems, as the EVOH layer provides an optimum barrier for gases and UV-rays.


– Sanitary Piping Systems For Builgings
– Domestic Piping System – Hot & Cold Water Management : Piping systems for hot & cold water in pressurized heating and potable water networks.
– Heating & Cooling Systems : Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems, Radiator Heating Sytems, Solar Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Gas Piping Systems