PEX Pipe


VESBOvesbo-r PE-X Pipes are manufactured from crosslinked polyethylene with advanced polymeric structure which makes them the best solution for a wide range of liguid transportation. the advantages of

VESBOvesbo-r PE-X Pipes over other plastic and metal piping systems, such as very high operation temperatures, non-corrosiveness, flexibility, highler impact strenght at lower temperatures and speed of istallation, are considered the main reasons for being preferred by engineers for residental and industrial projects.

PE-Xb (hydrosilicon crosslinked PE-X) and PE-Xc (electron beam crosslinked PE-X) are two types of programs offered to the choice of our customers

PE-Xb – min. cross-linking degree is 65%
PE-Xc – min. cross-linking degree is 60%

Under normal working pressures and conditions, the average service life of VESBO PE-X pipes is projected to be 50 years or more.

TS 10762-2
EN ISO 15875-2
DIN 16892
DIN 16893
NF T-54-943-2


– Fewer joints
– Easy to install
– Flexible
– Hygenic
– Efficent Heating
– Warmer Floors
– Energy Saving
– Decorative Freedom
– Less Dust Particles Around
– No corrosion in the systems
– Wide operating temperature (-10°C – +95°C)
– Less pressure drop
PE-X is a type of plumbing material used in plumbing systems that offers many advantages over metal pipe (copper, iron, lead) or rigid plastic pipe (PVC, CPVC) systems. Because of the many benefits offered by PE-X, it has become a preferable plumbing system.


– Sanitary Piping Systems For Builgings
– Domestic Piping System – Hot & Cold Water Management : Piping systems for hot & cold water in pressurized heating and potable water networks.
– Heating & Cooling Systems : Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems, Radiator Heating Sytems, Solar Heating Systems, Air-Conditioning Systems, Gas Piping Systems