Trio Pipes





Water can generate disturbing noises while flowing through pipes when an obstacle comes across. In the past, in order to prevent this, pipes or walls were often used to be insulated but after acknowledging that this method was both time and money consuming, alternative ways are found.
VESBOvesbo-r Incola Trio, the initiator of smart solutions, produced VESBOvesbo-r Incola Trio pipe that saves both money and time. VESBOvesbo-r Incola Trio consisting of 3 Layers, is a pipe not only maintains total silence with the “Incolene” material lying in the middle layer but also economic and aesthetic.

Inner layer:
Produced from polypropylene, ideal viscosity resulting in a smooth and flat inner surface makes it possible and resist against chemicals, thus preventing corrosion and calcification

“Incolene” Middle Layer:
The special mineral mixed with polypropylene and enhanced “incolene” raw material effectively absorbs all vibrations and achieves excellent soundproofing.

External Layer:
This provides high impact resistance at low temperatures, protection of the inner and middle layers, as well as absorption and stabilization of external impacts.
Manufactured with three-layer extrusion technology, VESBOvesbo-r Incola Trio pipes overcome the hardest conditions required for soundproofing in enclosed areas and provide the best results achievable in absorbing vibrations. With Incolene’s visco-elastic structure, sound waves originated by air and structure and noises originated by drainage are readily absorbed.

ONORM EN 1451-1: 2000
EN ISO/IEC 17025
DIN 4102-1 /2001 B2 Moderately Flammable


– Both gasket and segment in VESBOvesbo-r Incola Trio completely fulfill the standards for impermeability requisites.
– The segment prevents the gasket from displacing during installation.
– No release of hazardous gas.
– Prevents any breaking or cracking and is highly resistant to pull-press forces released during earthquakes.
– Made of special polypropylene compound, that absorbs noise and transmits it at a level much less than standards require.
– Highly resistant to chemicals, that feature helps maintain its thickness for many years preventing any material deformation.
– Manufactured based on high dimensional sensitivity required by standards and are easily installed.
– Not subject to corrosion compared with metal products due to raw material characteristics.
– Elastic structure makes fragility value at low temperatures less than those of other products.


– Potable water, hot & cold water, chemical, irrigation
– Residential apartments, condominiums, public housing
– Hospitals
– Schools, laboratories and chemical sewerage
– Hotels and resorts