PVC VESBOvesbo-r

Spira Pipe is a uPVC piping technology for non-pressure, gravitational infrastructure applications.
uPVC Spira Pipes, spirally wound pipes, are obtained by forming pipes with the patented winding technology of specially formulated strips which are produced from extrusion process in required diameter and strength. These strips are rolled to special drums in order to provide ease of storage, transportation and enable on-site. Thanks to this unique technology, pipes can be produced in factory and on-site as well, by transporting spirally winding unit and strips with “T” shaped grooves available in 5 different types and dimensions for wide range of pipe production between.

150mm to 3600mm:

– 84 TR DSC_1102– stripes for pipes between 150-300mm dia
– 98 TR – stripes for pipes between 300-400mm dia
– 112 TR – stripes for pipes between 400-550mm dia
– 168 TR – stripes for pipes between 550-2600mm dia
– 196 TR – stripes for pipes between 1200-3600mm dia

The volume of these strips, rolled to special drums, are approximately 10 times less than other alternative piping systems which in results cost efficient transportation and storage. Reducing the fuel consumption of the transportation is an important environmentally friendly issue.

Transportation as strips on drums for on-site production also provides the opportunity of producing pipes in desired length, while in the factory pipes can be produced between 6 to 12mt depending on the diameter of the pipe and the transport vehicle.

Connection of the pipes, except the special socket connection, can be made with demanded fittings in applications; 45° and 90° elbows, reducers, tees and variously angled “C” pieces, produced from the same stripes that are used for the pipes. On the other hand, the patented production technology allows uPVC Spira pipes to be produced manhole to a manhole on a production site.

The unique advantages of VESBOvesbo-r Spira Piping technology and the uPVC material properties make it ideal for infrastructure applications such as;

– Sewage and rainwater applications
– Drainage applications for highway & motorway constructions
– Hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) applications
– Industrial applications.


Performance tests of end product according to TS12132

watertest    ringflex    ringstifness

lockpoint    jointpoint     impacttest


In addition to uPVC piping systems advantages, VESBOvesbo-r Spira Piping System advantages are;
– Resistance to oil & chemicals & abrasion
– Durability
– Long lasting service life
– Strength (tensile, bending, fatigue)
– Little Creep behavior
– Lower Vicat Softening Temperature
– Higher self-ignition temperature
– Fire resistance
– Fire retardant
– Self-extinguishing
– Lower linear expansion
– 100% recyclable
– Resistance to oxidative reactions
– Environmentally friendly.
In addition to uPVC piping systems advantages, VESBOvesbo-r Spira Piping System advantages are;

On-site Production
1    2    3

VESBOvesbo-r Spira Piping System is the only piping system that allows on-site production. Due to the application, Spira pipe allows the pipe to be produced in desired lengths, rapid laying and zero loss. This provides less connection and less labor work which makes Spira pipe cost efficient & time saving on production.

Pipe Without Joint

300    600

trans1    trans2

The volumes of the strips/profiles, rolled to special drums, are approximately 10 times less than other alternative piping systems, in other words reducing the cost of transportation, fuel consumption, loading & unloading time approximately 10 times. This makes Spira pipe cost efficient & time saving & environmentally friendly on transportation.


VESBOvesbo-r Spira Pipe is being stored as drums. Pipes can be formed out of these profiles, rolled on special drums, when necessary. Therefore, less storage area is required for the material.

Various Dimensions
uPVC Spira pipes can be produced any diameter between 150-3600mm OD. Hence, the most economic diameter is available when required.

Inner & Outer Layers
inner outer layer

The excellent design of ribbed outer surface is more economical but has higher strength than other similar products while low inner surface roughness provides better flowing.

4    3    1

2    5

Since it can be produced on-site in required lengths; it reduces the usage of joints. With the simple, fast and reliable connection method of socket and other fittings, without requiring any welding equipment or any other tool, it is much easier. This makes Spira pipe cost efficient & time saving on assembling.

Hydraulic Performance
800mm    1000mm

uPVC Spira pipes allow to use smaller diameters than other rigid pipes to flow the same flow rate due to its manning roughness co-efficient (0,008), which is lower than concrete pipe s(0.014). For example 800mm VESBOvesbo-r Spira Pipe gives the same flow rate 1000mm concrete pipe.

Mechanical Properties
Impact strength and resistance of uPVC Spira Pipe is very high due to its elasticity modulus (690Mpa in the long term).


Sewage & Rainwater Systems
uPVC Spira Pipes are produced between 150 mm up to 3600 mm OD. Thanks to its manhole to manhole without joint production property, uPVC Spira pipe is the perfect solution for rainwater and sewage systems. Due to its easy assembling and high fluidity advantage, Spira pipe is preferred by Municipalities, Rural Services, Housing Development Administration and satellite towns

Highway & Motorway Applications
uPVC Spira Pipes are used instead of box culverts in highway and motorway constructions. They are used for drainage purposes, and as collectors in medians along the motorway. It prevents deformation of the road’s surface, by absorbing vertical movement due to traffic loads.

Industrial Applications
Spira Pipes are composed of U-PVC which has high resistance to chemicals and long life. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly product with its water tightness structure. By the aspects of these, it can be used in industrial zones and to transport of industrial waste.

Hydro Electric Power Plants (HEPP) Applications
With the fast and on-site production technology, U-PVC Spira Pipes are used in conduits of hydroelectric power plants where site work period of the investment is very important.