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U-PVC Pipes




VESBOvesbo-r PVC Sewage Piping System offers the complete sanitary system to its clients. In this case waste water management / sewage piping plays an important role. VESBOvesbo-r offers a wide range of PVC Sewage Piping System with pipes between 150 to 6000 mm length and the complete fitting range & pipes between 50-200mm diameter which are produced according to TS 275-1.

VESBOvesbo-r PVC Sewage Piping System can be used for soil, waste and ventilation for structures such as; residential building, hotels, hospitals, schools, industrial and commercial buildings etc.

VESBOvesbo-r PVC Sewage Piping System has the complete advantages of PVC piping system and PVC material properties. It’s resistant to oil-chemicals-abrasion, lower creep behavior, higher strength and durable, long lasting, self-extinguishing, resistant to oxidative reactions and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, pipes and fittings are produced as “ready to assemble” for the customers. There is no need for any usage of tools or processes for the connecting the pipes and the fittings. All components with sockets have factory-fitted sealing rings (o-ring) for push-fit connections. Thanks to these o-ring seal the system is definitely leak proof. On the other hand push-fit system reduces the material cost, labor cost and saves on time.

VESBOvesbo-r PVC Sewage Piping System is ideal for sewage & waste water management.

TS 275-1
EN 1329-1.


– Resistance to oil & chemicals & abrasion
– Durability
– Long lasting service life
– Strength (tensile, bending, fatigue)
– Low Creep behavior.
– Lower Vicat Softening Temperature
– Higher self-ignition temperature
– Self-extinguishing
– Lower linear expansion
– Resistance to oxidative reactions
– Environmentally friendly
– High Heat deflection temperature
– High Elasticity Modulus

Ease of Assemble All components with sockets have factory fitted sealing rings (o-ring) for push-fit connections. There is no need for welding processes or any other tools, no need for effortful labor work for the connection of the pipes and fittings. Fewer tools and less labor work makes the system cost-efficient.

Leek Proof Connection Factory fitted sealing rings (the o-ring seal), the system is definitely leak proof.

Ease of Transportation & Storage Products can be loaded and stored horizontally, vertically and telescopically thanks to it rigidity. This provides maximum loading and minimum storage area usage which also makes the system cost-efficient.

Variant Product Sizes The pipes are produced between 150 – 6000mm lengths and both the pipes and the fittings are produced between 50 to 200mm OD. This provides optional solutions for the optimum usage of the pipes and the fittings, which in the end reduces the waste of the installation over’s. It makes it more environmentally friendly.

Maintenance Free PVC pipes and fittings do not rust, corrode or promote build-up deposits on the system interior. Due to their highly UV and impact resistant structure, VESBO uPVC Sewage Piping System don’t require maintenance for many years even for outdoor installations


– Soil sewage
– Waste water
– Grey water
– Black water transportation

It can be used inside and outside of the residential buildings, commercial buildings, sanitary facilities, laundries, schools etc. Due to its smooth internal surface even the stickiest wastes are discharged very fast.

Plastic piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure- Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) PVC-U